Attention Zodiac666?

Hi, someone e-mailed me and said you started a thread and were trying to reach me? Do I know you? I don't see the thread.

glenn! are you making your mma debut at ring of combat?

Yes I am, vs. Mike Murray. Are you going to be there, Jim? and BTW, do you know who Zodiac666 is?

i'll be there, glenn. what weight are you going to fight at? someone mentioned you were down to 140!?!?

and no, i have no idea who zodiac is.

What with the "!?!?" :0) I just gave up eating- it also saves me $$$.

I'll be weighing in a 139-140. I dropped down to 139.9 for Grappers Quest.

ttt for Zodiac666

Glen you should've got an email by now. It was just a seminar notification. Good luck in the fight!