Attitude on Dana

FRAT sort of
I imagine some of you are sick of the whole BOSS with the F BOMB THAT DONT GIVE A FUCK personality that Dana has.

Some of you guys would prefer some company man that hasn't had beef with big names in MMA and who has the personality of Greek yogurt. I guess because Dana really is always being talked about and he's always got something to say that's gonna piss some people off.

I actually enjoy that the boss of the company is someone who's talks a lot, talks shit and that is always speaking his mind even if he has pissed lots of people off including fans, hall of famers, managers, company men, etc.
I'm not saying that I agree with Dana and the company with everything they've done, but that ballsy attitude is great for MMA and the UFC. Phone Post 3.0

He is the UFC's scapegoat, fans seem to love taking shots at him. I don't mind him, he hypes a fight well and is an entertaining personality.