Attn: 10th Planet Guys - Jiu Claw

First of all, I bought Eddie's book, "Mastering The Rubber Guard". What an amazing book. The attention to detail is top-notch.

My question has to do with the jiu-claw position. In the transition from Chill Dog to jiu claw, how much of a concern is it for the opponent, rather than attempt to roll, to go the other way - to lift up. The arm is trapped threatening omaplata, but the integrity of the control from that position seems to be compromised by lifting up.

What is the strategy from a guy who tries to lift up in the transition? Is it just struggle with the fish until the position is established? Do you sit up and try to force him down with your leg on his shoulder and use his arm as a lever to keep him down?

Please let me know if I've been unclear.

Also, did Eddie create this whole system? I've done a lot of jujitsu, and I've never seen these strategies.

Rastus the system is his but some of the moves "Marcello sweep, Ken Shamrock toe hold, gogoplata etc" were incorporated from other stuff. In my opinion at least

ouch... and lol

Hey Sac,

I haven't even really scratched the surface yet. I did notice a "Jean Jaque sweep" or some technique attributed to his teacher - one of the greats of jiu jitsu. I think that was pretty noble of him to give credit where credit was due.

The general strategy he showed on his videos were a foundation from which we were using the book as reference. Frankly, the answer may be in the book. I lent it to a training partner, so won't have it for a week.

The strategy of breaking down, mission control, zombie to New York to Chill invisible collar/chill dog/jiu claw are natural progressions.

btw, with regard to the names, I love 'em. Having specific names makes talking about the techniques much easier than "you know when you had me in this position with your hand in tight...". Some people were criticizing Eddie for all the names, but for me those are hooks into which my mind can better understand and talk about the movements and holds.

The Ice Pick is in the book and meant to deal with that. Also switching to the triangle when they sit up works beautifully.

I don't think Eddie takes credit for all of it. He is very good about giving credit to others. I'm sure everything has been done before but Eddie is the only one who organized it into a system.

I cannot give a higher recommendation to his book. The Twister book should be out fairly soon as well as the dvd's for the rubber guard.

i believe you are referring to the moment where you have secured the
jiuclaw position but have not sat up yet for the finish?

if he postures then, you straighten your legs and 'ice-pick' him to the
ground. its in the book. but make sure you squeeze your legs tight, hold
onto his wrist, and keep control of his legs or waist with the other hand.

Thanks guys. Looks like the Ice Pick is the winner. I'll look it up.

Is the DVD meant to be a supplemental to the book or is it a completely separate product?


no idea on what it will cover, maybe someone else can give you the info
on that.

and as you icepick someone back down, alot of times they will roll with
the ready and do the DA, thereby making the oma into a
sweep where you end up on top.

I have no idea what the fuck you guys are talking about but it's fun to

Mother Goose?

Am I being trolled?

Could you describe the Icepick and subsequent movements?


ice pick and DA are in the book. kinda hard to explain with words. look
in the flowchart or index when you have the text in front of you.

mothergoose...although a great name for a move, is not in the book to my

burrito skidmark flatus flash? hilarious.

lol @ that name "the DA". The names alone are worth the book. "Crackhead control", lol.

btw, from the jiu claw control position, bringing the legs back, pitting his fist in the center of your chest and bringing your chest forward to do the omaplata would rip the guy's arm off. VERY vicious move.

I believe the dvd will cover the same material as the book. More clarification and getting to see it "in action" will be nice.

Hey, I'm not going to judge Eddie for his use of marijuana. You can if you want, I won't. I just didn't want that stuff in the book. Big difference.

I would much rather read a book or get a DVD that explains the stories behind the retarded names he gives the moves... rather then get yet another book or DVD about the same 2 positions he always teaches!

checkuroil, you're a student of Eddies, aren't you?

yes, and an instructor.  its just not easy for me to explain positions online