Attn: 10th Planet guys

What else besides the old school sweep is available from the lockdown position?

half and half

pay for some classes.. cheap ass

Thers like 4 different sweeps, a couple finishes, and a variety of paths to
the back...beyond that, I echo TheComish's comment

MMA Warrior knows all.


Buy the book, it's not the same old techniques. Who has ever seen Mission Control or New York before? Epstein is from NY, so I may refuse to use that move. But that is beside the point.

LOL@MMA Warrior saying that it's only a bunch of basic techniques that have always been around. The set-ups more than the finishes is what sets Eddie's stuff apart. Don't tell me you've seen all the techniques in the book being used on a daily basis in most of the grappling schools around.

The more you type, the more you prove you are an idiot.

double underhooks with lockdown

1. electric chair

2. half and half

3. twistback

4. old school

5. middle school

6. stoner control

head and arm with lockdown

1. the stomp

2. the godfather (which eddie doesnt teach anymore, but i use all the time)

3. the new stomp (same deal but you dont actually stomp)

4. jaws of life to double underhooks

thats all i can think of right now.

The only other one I can think of but don't know the name (more of a follow-up when unable to finish the electric chair kinda like stoner control)is where the person kicks his leg over to counter the electric chair. You then hug his waist and reverse him to the side opposite his legs.

stoner control?


The chief export of 10th Planet is pain.


when do right, no can defend

A lot of things are chiefed at 10th planet. . .namely doja, son!


Who here has rolled with the great MMA Warior?

J Roc did you fight Kenny Stevens in Mississippi??

MMA Warrior/ are you still upset with the incident with Eddie and Q....

No fights yet. Still training jeff.