Attn: 10th Planet guys

could mma warrior be quatross too??


"could mma warrior be quatross too??

.....hhhhmmmmmm "

I was thinking he may be Dan Black.

MMA Warrior is correct. Don't buy the book. Don't learn anything cause
there's nothing new to learn. Why bother learning at all? New or old
stuff...who cares? MMA Warrior, why even bother training? Then hope
you get to fight someone from 10th Planet at a tournament and see
how you do. It's all old stuff anyways...whatever.


MMA Warrior - even though I've been injured for the past month, please come to 10th Planet. I will be more than happy to tap your keyboard warrior ass out with "Eddie's weak ass twister shite". You tool.

hey i bought the book, but the 'stoner control', the stomp and jaws of life aren't in it so....please explain!

its new stuff hes been working on

too hard to explain without pics.

a few collar sweeps as well...