attn: 10th Planet peeps

wraps hands, dips in glue and broken glass

wraps hands, dips in gummi bears

Damn - not the gummi bears!!!

10PJJ is gay

wraps hands in "weird padding"

stevekt - as long as you're not doing it while check is still in the shorts.

you have to pay for that privilidge.


My band is headlining the Whiskey a GoGo, firday, may 6th at 11pm. If any of you could make it out it would be really cool.

Tom G Warrior aka MIA from training

PS- I NEVER wear bike shorts

I bet check would come to your band's performance if you DID wear the bike shorts! ;)

Shit, I'd wear speedos if it would make people come to see us.

(but it won't, so I won't) LOL