Attn: 303 - Next Monday's game?

How do you see the Broncos and Ravens game going?  Historically (althought not recently) the Broncos have had trouble with the Ravens. 

Which Plummer will show up?  How much will home field play a part? 

As a perhaps biased Ravens fan, I see the Ravens winning yet another squeaker.

Goddamnit. Thought I put this on NFL forum.  Sorry.

When in Rome.

The Broncs are coming off thier bye week correct? So they will be fresh. I think it's gonna be a close game like ours yesterday :/.

Remember, Denver plays REAL good at home.

Shanahan with a bye week to prepare makes me nervous.

13-4 coming off the bye week. The Ravens just played a very hard fought game against San Diego, and they are coming here. I do not see how Denver loses.