attn: 4 Ranges

I was just curious how your injury is holding up?

And also how your prep is going for the RKC cert? When is that again?

Hey Leftbench:

Thanks for the inquiry man!

This will sound really weird, but at 4.5 weeks after the injury, I'm back to my training regimen PRE-INJURY. Same reps and loads (even did 3x5 double clean and jerks with the 70lbs. KB's). Even did a couple of reps of swings with TWO 70lbs. KB's to about chin level.

So far so good with my RKC prep. I haven't tested my RKC snatch numbers yet, but I'll keep the forum posted. :)

Thanks for the concern man. :)

PS: I'm doing the September RKC.

Glad to hear everything is going so well! Keep up the good work man and keep us informed how your training goes for the RKC.