ATTN: 655321

Im not tryin to bother you but as soon as you could get me a copy of the show i would much appreciate it. My Grandma calls me every day wanting to see it.


what time you guys setting up for the parade today JC?

Why are you worried about a parade Kyle, shouldn't you be training! LOL

I dont know if im going to the parade. I gotta work.

J.C. is your Grandma single???

I should have it finished by Sun. Duplicating it is another story...

655321, if there is anything i can do to speed along the process, let me know. Polluka, she is. If you are interested i can give you a list of her hobbies.


Does she train? lol

Not any more. She tore her ACL in her last MMA match and has to watch from the sidelines now.