Attn: about the ludwig & sudo vids

could someone who has them please host them at as the links are all down


it asks for an email address of the recepient (just makie it up) then select the file and press send. once its uploaded you get a link. copy it and paste it here


LMAO @ the pic...Ferox is one sick fuck!

ttt for link info.

They are on the MMA Tracker bit torrent site.

yea charles if u have a working url for that site it'd be sweet

holy shit penn had his fukn WAY with duane.

i just downloaded bit torrent, can anybody tell me how it works?

can someone email me the link to that MMA bit torrent site?

thanks in advance

me too -

and some instructions on how to use it... I've found the site, I think... but my browser won't connect. and I downloaded the bittornado as the front end...

what do I need to do?

word up... thanks alot.

now, for that pesky address.




If anyone gets the site address could they forward it on.



Hey ... can you forward on the information to me too plz.

plz forward info on to me 2.
really need a good mma bit torrent site again.


If you could also e-mail a link to the torrent site for me also, it wuld be much appreciated. My e-mail address is

Thanks in advance