*jaqs on "spot"

the "secret spot"?

that's not a spot. thats a news update.

pat has choked the correct!

thanks and i appreciate it a lot for all the help Pat and Mark!!!

^thank you for supporting the radio show.

jaqs on spot/update????

WTF is this thread about??

Was it the plug on today's show about opening in a couple weeks?

Looking forward to the opening AK!

subtly plugs

so its gonna have a "cage" feeling to it as i heard..its gonna be sweet !


thre's going to be a 3 feet diameter cage on the inside of the store..  and we will be carrying a large line of TaPDis Shirts, and PUREBREED...

oh my ;)

tapdis???... purebreed???...

sets up tent and camps out waiting for grand opening

nice! any specific date and time your store will open ? Im really stoked out to hear about this ;D


can't wait for the grand opening, i need a new gi already

there's only one Adrenaline Koncepts store in Hawaii right ?

yes only one for now