ATTN: Agent 2600

hey Gabe. Do you know some loser named Harvey Sharp?

Yes, I know Harvey, one of the funniest people I've ever met in my life, very cool guy aswell! I watched the last Pride at his house! Definitely a guy I am happy to call my friend.

you better watch that guy. he starts major trouble. he and i are about to have issues cuz he wont leave my girl alone.

who is your girl??

LOL. my girl is his business partner at the suzuki dealership.

LOL Whats up Harvey!!

this aint Harvey. this is steve miller and i'm gonna crack harvey up!

Whats up Steve

hey man. just a joke. harvey and i are real cool. he ia always messing with angelle. and i figured it'd be cool to mess with him. i teach and train in morgan city. harvey asked me if i knew you and i told him i didnt really know you but knew who you were. i've seen you at a few shows (joe's last event) and knew you were the sprawl guy. anyway, yeah Harvey is a cool dude and funny. but i do think he has issues.

anyone that is friends with gabe has issues.... j/k

i agree with dnwsr but i know harvey and he is a dumb ass but a good guy maybe we should get him in the cage against MEL SHE WILL WIN!!!!!!


crazyleggs, sounds like you know harvey and mel pretty well. were you at their wedding reception?

no i was out of town i graduated with mel and kick harvey ass hahahahaha no me and him went to school together and work out atr the gym from time to time he is a good friend and he is behind me in all my fights he tys to go to all of them if he can

gabe thanks for roling last night give me a call we can get together on wed.

sounds good