ATTN: Agent2600

Its J.C., did you see the pics from the last FFC. It has some very good fight pics of me and kenny. The pic of me shows the SPRAWL logo perfect.

TTT I know your out there Gabe.


J.C. those pics were great! I showed them to my boss he really liked them! You guys did a great job representing us, don't forget to keep me updated with you guys fights!

J.C. if you can get more of those pics let me know



Call me if you want more of those pics.



Kyle, next time i see you drunk im slippin a mickies in your drink then we will see who the dork is and who the daddy is.

Dude, after what my body has been through the last few days training with Pat for this Kings tournament, I dont think I am ever drinking again!

It is new years eve and I am not drinking! I got to wake up at 7 or so and be in NO for a 9:15 workout.