ATTN: Agent2600

As soon as you can, pics, pretty please, SUCKA.



Where you be, SUCKA


Gabe is sick. 104 fever = very shitty.

ttt for later

That sucks. I told him not to open mouth kiss that drunk guy but he never listens.

It was the food at IHOP. I got sick from it too. I felt like puking.

give me a day or so, I will post the pictures as soon as I feel a little better.

Well eat some chicken noodle and drink some O.J. and get me my pics, pretty please.

TTT for the health of gabe and pics of ME FIGHTING.


TTT for jc fighting and for making jim and rich's nice cage soooooooooo bloody.

I tried, glad to see my efforts went noticed.

TtT for the bloody cage.


i busted the nose first... ttt for me

ok ok TTT for eric. hope u got all of that blood off your back.

You could have tired him out alittle more though, SUCKA.