Attn: All Black Belts


I'm starting a very large website that will have a physical fitness/martial arts section and if you would be kind enough to offer me some help for the martial arts part, I would be very greatful.

What it is, is that I want to have a section with archived interviews of black belts in various art forms. Each interview will have it's own page and will be the exact same questions posed to each black belt. The reasoning behind this, is that a student can get a good idea about the art itself and how they should train, by seeing what experts in those arts have done.

Each page will be the interview itself, plus information about the school you train at or teach at and a link to your website if you wish. If you want to post a photo(s), that will also be put on the same page. Before the page is posted live, you'll get a preview of it for approval.

If you're interested in helping out this little project - email me at

Thanks for your time,

Robert Bentley

Thank you so much for all the help...

The interviews will be going out in about a day or two to everyone at once.

Remember - It will be a small personal page that will do two things

1) Display a small advertisement for you and your school

2) Provide some insight for other martial artists.

Thanks again


Robert Bentley

I've just sent out the interviews to all those that were interested.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Before I officially launch this section, I might send a very small number of questions to add - or clarify certain points that will make each interview a tad more personal or relevant to the participant. I want to make sure each page offers as much as possible to the student of martial arts and provide a venue for these most dedicated students to express their love for the sport.

Thanks again,

Robert Bentley

So far I've got bout 11 black belts giving interviews and it looks like it will be a great collection of information.

Anyone else interested? The launch of the completely revamped site will be at the end of October.

To get an idea as to the philosophy - you can look at its current state at