Attn: All Docs

Reading the thread on careers in nursing made me curious. Knowing what you know now about the health care field in general (your responsabilies and pay, other health care job responsabilities and pay, etc.)if you had it to do all over again, would you still choose the M.D. route or would you go for something else in health care like something in the nursing field, physician assistant, etc.? Please explain why you would or would not do it again.

Yes, because you make the ultimate decisions, have the most knowledge. Chicks dig the white coat

Thanks howardo!

I am currently working in the ER here in Phx.I am an EMT and work as a Tech. Good job, lots of fun. I had originally wanted to goto Nursing school, but after working there and see what they do, I decided against it. I am now looking towards PA school. That just seems more my route. The pay is great, schooling is not that much more and they get to give the orders rather than follow them.