ATTN All Fighters at The GYM...

All fighters and future fighters who work out at a regular gym like 24 hour I allways see one guy here and there at the gym who wants to show his 1-2 combo, finishing off with Knees to the face in front of a mirror. Or the guy whos pretending to sprawl, and escremas inside, and throws knees (with shadowman) in front of the mirror. I know no one is gonna want to admit they do this shit at the gym, but for SURE there are UG guys that do this.

Explain to me, what is the point of this? I know its done to get attention, but what kind of attention?

1. Am I supposed to look at your movements, and get scared that you could lash out and kick my ass at any moment?

2. Or am I supposed to ask you where you train, and jock you as a fighter?

Is it to scare me, or get me to jock you?

come on theres more cats that do this at the gym

speak up!!! be proud!

I do it at home constantly, but I behave myself in public.

no.... i dont care that they do it. Doesnt bother me at trying to find out the purpose... I know its not just practicing form cuz they do it and look at everyone in the gym to see whos looking at them. Its for im wondering if they want male groupies

I do it all the time. I have a gym in my garage though and I work out alone most of the time.

i would say- look at women and mind your biznatch

Wow, Larry, maybe you should ask these people while you're IN the gym and 'observing' this behavior?   I mean, they may have some kind of palsy or something with an uncontrollable twitch or outburst like Turret's.

What if the poor guy is just minding his own business and, unintentionally ... BAM! ... he just starts going, "Back up!  Back up! Mind yo bidness, that's all - just mind yo bidness!".  Hey, that could cause an or something.  I think that as a valued citizen you should approach these people and point out their behavioral flaws before some one gets hurt.  Yep ... that's what you should do, all right.

Uf - Da!!!

I have doe that at times at a weight gym, our MMA club also is located at that gym. The times I have been doing that is mostly if I am spotting for a friend but not lifting myself, since maybe a fight is coming up or something, or maybe I am done lifting. There are mirrors in the weight areas so I shadowbox, sometimes I stretch. If I was not doing this I would just be waiting to spot my friend. Most people at that gym know we are there doing our martial arts training, I do not think anyone have a problem with me shadowboxing, at least no one has told me or complained to the owners. Maybe some of the ones that lift there think it looks stupid or wonder why I am doing it, but I do not care they can think what they want, and I am not embarrassed of doing that. Can not really see why it should be an issue for the others that are there.

How you train will decide how you do in the ring.... shadow boxing is a way of warming yourself up, that & stretching...... like a runner who stretches before running.


Momita is right.

Why should I be embarrassed if people see me shadowboxing?

LOL being embarrassed to do that shit in public, better not go into a boxing gym then, hahahahaha, better yet, you just hop on into the ring without warming up........ that'll do wonders for your arms & shoulders............hahahahahaha 


yeah, what momita said.

i only do this at class, but if i were training for a fight, and happened to be at a YMCA for example, i would still do it, not caring who made fun of me.

Maybe a boxing gym is different than a MMA gym KWJ-Dhira, or, maybe you haven't been to a "real grownup"  gym....... the boxing gyms I've been to don't have ladies going "oooh"..... and the only people watching.... are all there for the same thing...... training.

I save my shadow boxing for the grocery store.

every one at my gym shadow,boxes.

If it is at a gym, yes.

um, he was kidding momita

um, ok DyingBreed :-)