I don't even come here very often anymore because I am sick of all the shit talking, and argueing. If all of you can't start showing respect for each other, I will shut the forum down.

And if that would make you happy, just remember, then all of this is back on the OG!

All I am asking is for you to respond to people respectfully. Stop treating people that disagree with you like they are stupid ignorant children. And try and not fight so damned much.

I have lost too many good friends off of this forum already, enough is enough. If you can't be civil then just leave, simple enough.

the rev


I don't know what that means, would you care to elaborate my jewish friend?

the rev

It means "don't shut down the forum! I love it here!"

edit: In all honesty, I have never communicated with so many different people about something so intimate and had so few serious disagreements.

And I would gamble most people would say that as well.

NO!!! This forum rules!!!

and personally while people do cross the line on occasion, its nothing compared to the og.

too many smart people here to shut this place down anyway. It would be a tragedy.

I hope you don't shut this forum down. I just recently started reading & posting here. So far, people have been very tolerant of me ;) and I try to do the same.

I am happy to have a place where intelligent people with different backgrounds & believes can discuss things.

This has been building up for a long time, maybe I am overreacting, or just venting. But I am sick of people treating others badly. You can all help, watch what you say, and reign in those that are having trouble controling their fingers.

the rev

John, I agree with you 100% In fact we discussed this very thing via e mail. I was very disturbed when two guys who I consider my friends and fellow brothers in Christ, no longer felt comfortable here. St.Kolbe and Cherrypicker. I know when you started this forum, this is the exact thing you did NOT want to happen. Honestly this is one of the reasons, I don't spend time on this forum much anymore.

And it happens on all sides.

John, you are a great guy who's opinion I respect greatly. You showed me what kind of man you are when you called me twice, when my son was very ill. That spoke volumes to me about the kind of man you are. And atleast on my part, I consider you a friend.

I honestly do miss posting here, I miss many conversations with you,Rastus,Josh,Puzzled, and others. But since I can find some of the same responses from people on the OG, I've been spending my time there, because ST.Kolbe and cherrypicker post there. I hope this will resolve the situation, because I did enjoy this place.

yours in Christ


from out front page:

Our purpose here is not to prove or deny the existence of God or any other deity. We would rather you look at this as a place of friendly discussion for those who might seek spiritual answers. We encourage you to post a message, question or thought regarding spirituality or faith.

I am hoping this will not be a place for nastiness and insults. And I will not tolerate bigotry.

I think that 85% of the time, we have stuck to this. For the 15%, all I can say is, "To err is human, to forgive is divine."


Maybe it's just my personal POV, but I think Christians argue more angrily with each other than they do with the Jews. Strange, because, I would think Catholics and Protestants would have more in common with each other than the jews.

I understand your concern, but why just not delete posts with insults and warn those that repeatedly insult (or use caps-lock) ?

It would be sad if you shut down the whole forum.

I would like to see the forum continue. I dont' think the arguing here is near as bad as it is on any Christianity thread on the OG

yeah lets shoot for better than really really bad.

hey atleast we aren't car bombing each other, praise us.

the rev

no kidding. I just meant that like on a scale of 1-10 I think we're like a 3, and the OG is like a 9. Not that we couldn't be better, but its not like we're at each other's throats, or threatening to do things to each other's family members. Stuff like that has happened as a result of religious threads on the OG. So I thought it was going ok here.

I will definately try harder to get along though

well I will try to do my part to not be argumentitive.....if one of you sees a problem...please call me on it. I don't want to be running destroying this place, if I am, please tell me so I can stop it. I've got my ideas, and there are some I feel strongly about, but if they come off as offensive or angry, lets fix that rather than shutting the place down. I want to be part of a solution, if no one tells me there is a problem, its difficult to be part of a solution.

Hey, I´ve been out since 12/12, what is going on?

Rev, I enjoy participating in discussions where I am challenged and I have the opportunity to challenge people. I know that some people take that very personal and I have been agitated and that has shown in some of my posts. But, I hope that we are still able to completely disagree and do it passionately w/out feeling like we are going to be shut down...Paul debated and rebuked Peter to his face and the free exchange of ideas makes one reconsider his position or strengthen it.


Rev, I have been enlightened and uplifted by many of your threads/posts. If you must kill the Holyground, I understand. I agree there has been some very un-holy things said here. I pray those that are blind will someday see the light.
God bless you in all your work.

I don't suspect Paul disrespected Peter in the process, but even if he did, I still say it is wrong. To call someone a fool means you are guilty of judgement, from the very words of Jesus. If you must argue, you can do it without insults, disrespect, and vitriol.

the rev

Rev: I don't suspect Paul disrespected Peter in the process, but even if he did, I still say it is wrong. To call someone a fool means you are guilty of judgement, from the very words of Jesus. If you must argue, you can do it without insults, disrespect, and vitriol.

Me; True. I will be more careful.