I agree- I have stopped posting here as well for those reasons

I'll try harder to get along with everyone, I promise.

If you're right and you're rude, you're wrong. said Rick Warren, and I agree w/him.


I'm predicting there will be arguing forever on this forum. Its a religious forum what else did you respect? If I'm not Christian I'm going to hell, how can it get worse then that? Ohhhh no your tired of the Christian bashing...ohhhh ok...NO offense but the moderation on here is very pro Christian, be a man and suck it up. Jesus had an uproad battle he wasnt whining and threatening to take his ball home with him.

In summary grow a set, shut down the forum and not make some 3rd grade tirade about it or just hand over the Admin reigns over to me and I've got the balls to clean this shithole up.

You obviously don't know me at all. I am talking just as much about sect bashing, or any kind of bashing. And though argueing will continue on here, disrespect should not. If you don't like that idea, as demonstrated in your post, then leave. That is simple enough, or is staying in this shit hole to important to you.

the rev

oops, douple post

"NO offense but the moderation on here is very pro Christian"

No offense, but I think you are wrong. The most active mod here right now is a (Zen-)Buddhist, Scrapper. And he is far from pro-Christian in his moderation. I think he might actually be one of its most well-spoken critics on here.

Fudo makes a good point, I agree w/him.


Brass monkey why dont you take your "Ball" and go home. You obviously like being a forum warrior. Some of us prefer debate other then confrontation. Allthough ill step up for any match. Albiet i might lose, I wont back down to a punk who will get his ass kicked eventually....Erick

erick, thanks but stop

the rev

my apologies perhaps my communication isn't the best. Obviously I was going for tough love approach I thought the good Rev. maybe could use and I see I've gotten the blood flowing and the board moving once again, cheers

I'm like the Moses of this thread while Rev. is the role of Jesus

lol, you're so modest

I have had experiences in better places and better communities, if everyone decides to live differently, it will be different. I am no nihlist, I believe in hope, and I believe that we can evolve past these angry, mistrustful, times.

the rev

You know me as being a infrequent poster but I DO lurk and I appreciate your posts as well as this place.

Rev's ALWAYS had my respect. I get involved in some heated discussions on here as well but I try to keep it civil as best I can. I think, for the most part, we all get along pretty well on here. There are always going to be a few people that take it over the line but I would hate to see this place shut down over them.


No we don't scrapper! We...Just kidding. I couldn't let one post go by w/out debating it...(again, a joke!).

the rooster is banned


the rev