Attn: All Key Board Warriors....

This one goes out to you..

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Poopchuteboxe while being tea-bagged by me.

Looked like me when I played WoW

do u really expect anyone to watch all that? that kid is f'n annoying as hell.

The power of christ compels you, the power of christ compels you!!!!!

Super Duper!

tycoon, GO FUck Your Self

"Attn: All Key Board Warriors.... "

what's up?

"cannon1fan...can u make a TycoonMan1Fan? to along with your other 50 or so snz?"

you wish.

50- lol

School Shooting waiting to happen! IMO maybe hitler did have a kid?


That Video just made my Day. I am in Tears. If I was that Kid's Father I would smack him on the back of his Head/Reset Button.

man, that was one hell of a temper-tantrum! The kid needs to work on his cardio.


A.D.D. is funny.