attn: ALM and WoWers

I've found you a new forum you can fuck off to.

It's the "Maine Underground" subforum of the
" State Forums" subforum.

No one has posted there in 6  months.

I looked at a lot of different places....this was the best. Don't say the rest of us GG folks aren't looking out for you!

bye bye now.

lol, if we left this place would fall to the bottom of the subforum list.

Sorry, BF can't sustain the GG.

" Sorry, BF can't sustain the GG."

agreed...but if you add in 360 v Ps3 ain't that bad.

" We kinda like it here.

Thanks though.


I admit it's a bit of a hassle to get there....but will you just give it a try?

Maybe a week's trial?

Very true...they should just rename it the WOWground

I too am sick of WOW gamers getting on threads about other games and making it all about WOW. WOWground is needed

Why can't you all just stick to one thread? Why!!??

LOL...3 of us??

It's only about 10 of you that make the 10 WoW threads per day here in the first place!

The Maine forum awaits!

I'm siding with Govnor here.

Or, failing a move to the Maine Forum, please the following topics on the same 10 threads or so.

"LOL, beating up people half my level is fun!" - Homie

"I am so much better than all of you noobs" - Dlondo

"Let's bicker pointlessly about WoW gear, abilities, and guilds" - Dlondo and Squatdog

"I'm grinding my sixth character to 60" - TheSeanster

"All of the six classes I've picked have been nerfed" - TheSeanster

"I'm quitting, wait, no I'm not, I, I'm not" - SteveW

"We need more people in our guild" - SteveW, Smellmyfinger, Q_nine et al

"Don't like the new people in our guild" - SteveW, Smellmyfinger, Q_nine et al.

"We totally killed Gord96" - Homie

"Let's whine about 60s not wiping my ass all the time." - Armbreaker

The GG will never fall. Even before WoW we ruled the subforums.

Fuck man, when they are 50% of the threads on the GG it's kind of hard to not read them.

I had a good time with the Tard Chargers - I like to keep track of how you gear-junkies are doing.

lol @ demonclown's list.

Well, I've got perspective here, because I only JUST joined the craze...

In all honesty, I just think releases in the last 6 months to a year on pc have been SHIT... I'm already bored with Medieval 2. Warhammer Mark of Chaos disappointed... There's no new MMO's... I tried Auto Assault, LOVE Car wars type stuff, and it wasn't that good.

PC games are just bit boo right now, and the value on offer with WoW is a bit to good to pass up.