Attn: Amateur Fighters

Amateur MMA Fighters

Television promoters are on the hunt
for 198 amateur fighters in 3 weight classes.
Fighters from 6 cities (New York, LA, Philly, San Diego,
Chicago, Detroit) will be matched in a
national tournament being filmed for television.
It's your chance to possibly be seen by a large
TV audience and by people who can launch your

Please contact the trainer listed below in your area. This trainer
has been approved as a participating amateur
sponsor. Hurry! These spots will fill soon,
so show us what you got!

Chicago / Detroit contact Call Casey @ 815-814-9009
New York / Philly Call Laszlo @ 212-302-0402
Los Angeles Call Ryan @ 310-567-7066
North San Diego Call Billy @ 760-481-9079
South San Diego Call Ben @ 619-964-6941