Attn: Andre

Tell me about your match last year with Nick Stephen (Machado's) at the Gracie Tourney?

I was speaking with him about it last night after
no-gi training :)

BTW - he got his Black Belt from Rigan 2 months ago.

What did he say about it? lol

It was cool. I love competing against Nick. The guy is awesome on and off the mat.

Let's see... We stood for a bit, then he shot in and got the takedown. I put him in my halfguard, he worked to pass, I swept and got to the top. He kicked out of guard and got to his feet. He shot in again and I went for a guillotine. I thought I had it, but he pulled his head out and nailed me with a headbutt to the chin (unintentionally). I heard a loud "DING!" and thought a bell had gone off (like in boxing to end a round), but it was just from the impact of the headbutt. lol

I then pulled halfguard and tried to make some space. When I framed against his chin he got my arm in an americana.

Here is a pic from the match:

lol...wait, I thought you meant the time we competed no gi.

The Gracie tourney was a blur because I gassed so bad halfway through our match. I swept once but he ran up a ton of points by passing my guard and mounting until he got to 12.

I'm 0-2 against Nick and glad he's in the black belt division now. I look forward to competing against him again someday, or just rolling with him at the academy.One of my favorite guys in BJJ.

LOL - He said right before he mounted you he was going to tapout from exhaustion. He swore that if you had escaped mount he was about going to TAPOUT from sheer exhaustion.

You could have HAD HIM!!! Where is your warrior spirit?


BTW - Nick is one of my favorite guys to train with. He's a big guy but FLOWS so well.

He gave you TONS of compliments and said he wishes you the best.


LOL! I knew that would get you.

Nick has been training with us almost fulltime since he moved down here to Diego. I was STOKED for him when Rigan gave him his BB.

Well deserved IMO.

Definitely well deserved. Please say hello to him for me.

Man, I really have to get down there and roll with you guys. Let me know when is good. Do you ever train on Sunday?

Never on Sundays - but almost always on Saturday. I also run the open mat night on Fridays if you ever make it down.

It would be GREAT to train with you.

Nick has been great, we usually push each other pretty well.

We have some SERIOUS monsters down here though (Max, Rafael, Lucas).

Does Nick make it down there on Fridays? What time? I finish work at 1pm, so I could probably make it there by 4 or so...

Nick almost ALWAYS makes it in for Friday's (If you're coming down I will let him know)

  • Open mat is from 6:30 - 8 pm. Plenty O' time to make it down :)

Plus my kid, Mateo, always comes with me to watch open mat - he loves it!

Let me know

"We have some SERIOUS monsters down here though (Max, Rafael, Lucas)."

*I trained with Max when he came to Hawaii a few months ago and he is a "SERIOUS monster" on the mat. Great guy also!!

Cool! Cant wait to meet Mateo! Are you training this Friday? I will let you know tomorrow if I can make it, but I'm pretty sure I can!

I look forward to it, man!

I am DEFINITELY training this friday.

I will try and makes sure Nick and Max are there too if you are coming down.

jjd - Max is probably the TOUGHEST purplebelt in the world at his weight IMHO... He wanted to match up with Kron so bad in the Mundials but couldn't make it down.

BTW - Max's lil brother, Klaus took 2nd behind Kron in the World Cup this year.

"Max is probably the TOUGHEST purplebelt in the world at his weight IMHO"

Uhhh...yeah, could you see to it that Max DOESNT make it that day?



Max is a great guy and a tough mofo!! He had a great time traing with us over here and I look forward to him coming back this year. Your pan am champ Joel Tudor came yesterday and we got to play last night, good thing Joel doesn't weight anymore than 150lbs!! lol

"Uhhh...yeah, could you see to it that Max DOESNT make it that day?"

Go on a saturday and I'm sure Max will be at the beach chasing girls like a good Brazilian!! lol

lol...What is the day that only sickly white belts show up? Ill be there that day.

jjd - Max said great things about you guys. Syas you guys have a ton of strong guys.

Joel is a lil phenom. He has been catching top guys for a LONG time. I do well with him but need to play a smashing style so I don't get caught by that lil longboarder.

And jjd is correct, Max is more than likely to be at the beach on Sat's.

He always shows up for my class though with Lucas Barum who is INSANE too - he should have been promoted to Brown before me but slacks in the practice & competition dept. His purple is soooo old it's faded blue heh.

Tons of "sleeper cells" at our academy - lol!


When are coming over here? All of Rodrigo's guys are welcome anytime, Rod is like family here!!

Someday brother, someday.

Thanks for the invite - I WILL make it out someday - dammit!