ATTN: Angelo & Jessica

Angelo, I was wondering if you could talk to ATAMA for me about sponsering some division / Uniforms

Ang do you know the guy from SPRAWL? maybe he would be willing to sponser the no gi divisions / sprawl shorts.

Jessica Tell me what we can do to get the womens divisions going.

1) 1/2 off the entery fee for any competitos from out of state.

2) Winner of womens Absolute $$$

3) Free T-Shirt to all women Competitors


Thanks again for your guys support. Dan Cousineau



Dan a suggestion from me would be all competitor should get a free t-shirt.I'm supposed to be 'sponsored' by SPRAWL if I can get ahold of steve I will ask him if he will sponsor some shorts for some of the no-gi divisions.

Thanks Don. See you Sunday.

for sure!

T-Shirt idea is good I will check on the cost.

The little flame dude has to stay he's like our mascot.


Dan- Can you email me at -

ttt hope your WOMANS division kicks butt!! some people think women dont belong in bjj events......glad were in america!!!!

Thanks Quinn! I know Jess appreciates the support...we are choosing not to do this tournament since our WHOLE team is not able to compete. Everyone decided on their own to support our team mates, and not attend.

ttt for ang and jess

my pleasure!!

Thanks Quinn!! (for both posts):)

Dan, I like all of those idea. For sure half off for the women out of state. Also the teeshirt and prize money. I think a gi for the gi winner would be great as well.



Dan...I've got to send you an email...check your mail!!



Dan, got your problem...whenever you are ready, I just didn't want you to think that I forgot about you. Happy Holidays!

Angelo P.