ATTN: Angelo Popofski/Gardner/WW

Any one from Warrior Way can help me with this please:

Firstly, do you guys allow ANY type of "pay by the class" training or drop in fees? With my work schedule, I'm just not sure how much I can make it.

If not, how much are fees on a monthly basis?

Secondly, I've never officialy studied BJJ but I have been a judo competitor for almost 10 years and trained with Sam Wells in Lansing for over 5 years no-gi. Will I be able to attend intermediate and advanced classes or will I have to start all over and learn as a beginner?

Lastly, do you have rates for couples? Like husband and wife sign up and receive 10% discount or something to that.



Good choice - they will take good care of you! If you trained with Sam you should have know problem


Dave Gardner can be bought.

Fear not.

What the hell are you talking about fabes?


I'm saying that I'm sure they'll take care of you.

Just bustin' Dave's balls.

That's what I do.


whats up fabes?! hi Gomez. Kakk, Ang is the man to talk to. there is a web site

GREAT place to train. top BJJ and MT guys! hope to see u soon. -GARDNER-

can someone tell Angelo to hook me up? :)

Angelo, hook him up!

Sup Dave? Slap Garcia's disgusting dark face for me.

I'm interested in this too.

Hey if you want to post your e-mail address I can pass it along to Angelo. I don't know if he would want me posting his address on here...

I put an email into him my man.


Hey! Sorry it took me so long to get this....Email me at and I can answer everything...I'm at work right
now and have some stuff to finish up. Shoot me an email to remind me to
email you back. TTT for now!

Angelo, I emailed you but that address is wrong me thinks.

Dang! sorry.. promise! :)