ATTN Anime Fans

You can get a 6 month subscription to Funimation streaming for only $20. Limited time offer. It's basically the netflix of anime, so you get every series subbed/dubbed that has been released by Funimation, which is more or less everything.

They also have a free app, so once you subscribe and download the free app (iphone / ipad / android / kindle / roku) you get almost all of the same content available through that, though some of the older stuff I think is only available through their website (like FOTNS).

or i'll watch them illegally.

I obviously do that too. I normally download full series and save them, and still will. But 20 bucks for 6 months of access to everything isn't bad. If you're into dubs then you get access to them as soon as they are released in stores. And thats something that often doesn't get uploaded to torrent sites right away.

Also, this could be good for those too lazy to actually download a million series. Just thought some people might be interested.


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What's the status on their tenetcle rape anime?  Stocked?


I would do this but their are so many sites that you can watch it for free just doing a general search in google. and crunchy roll is better with a lot of free content Phone Post 3.0

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