Attn: Anti-Furey'ers

Anyone that knows more about Furey than I do (which isn't too much) and has some time on their hands might do well to head over to and put down some idiot who is riding Furey's jock (I beleive he may be Furey himself lol)

The kid put down some guys webpage calling him a Furey ripoff, I then said to come and check the material over here. He tells me the first thing he saw was aquote from Fureys mentor (Gotch) and then checked Scrappers video and accused him of ripping of Furey!

Anyone that feels like dealing with this anus while saving someone the despair of buing a Furey product might want to come on over


Gotch is not Furey's mentor anymore.

Furey claims to speak with the Ghost of Farmer Burns.


The reason I posted this wasn't to prove some butt-munch wrong but help some poor kid who asked for good S&C advice and save him hundreds of wasted dollars. I guess I'll ride solo here then ;)


You know what MAG you're probably right. I'm going to say one more thing and then end it, I don't feel like dealing with some troll. I'm just not a fan of giving a guy like Furey money

In about 7 years or so of internet flame wars, debates, etc., I've foudnt he best way to advance an idea isn't to argue with people, but to ask them questions and engage them. Look here at my discussion with asdf in the Academic Ground.Like everyone else says, it's probably not worth the time, but if I were getting into it, I'd ask the kid why he thinks Furey and Gotch might've had a falling out. Or ask him why he thinks Furey promotes nose-to-mat rocking bridges for strength training when serious scientific studies prove that it's dangerous. Another idea might be to ask him why anyone should pay money to buy Furey's reprint of Farmer Burns' material when it's actually in the public domain and can be read for free on the internet.Or you could just hyperlink him to this thread. :)

Thanks man but I already signed myself off from that debate. The kid was such a tool and I don't feel like getting my temper up for some troll like him (he called the word troll ghetto!)

Thanks though, I think you're right on with the questions


I read that page and laughed when he called me a Furey rip-off. I got an email a while back calling me the same thing for having "Hindu Pushups" on my website.

I casually reminded the guy that emailed me that they were Divebomber Pushups and we had done them back in Navy Dive School in 1990. This was while some people were setting their grandmothers up to get mugged and before the Internet so there was no way I was ripping anyone off.

Also, every single 'bridge' I've built with training partners and friends over the years has remained intact and you simply won't find anyone talking about how I ripped them off with regards to training ideas or products. While I intend to keep things that way, I can't say the same for some *other* people in this industry.

Keep training hard and smacking the ass-clowns.


I am going to sue a word I haven't used in years. That guy, along with Matt Furey are bozo's. Lets just pray their are more of us then them in this world. Sadly, I don't know if thats true

Read "the culture of indian wrestling" Furey used ot sell it, it is a decade old and has hindu pushups from temple drawings. I used to do them from judo AND karate. Furey is an absolute tosser.

while some of Furey's free stuff, I'd read in martial arts mags, before he became commerically estanlished was okay stuff to use for bodyweight training (one legged squats, push ups, bridging using hands not the neck bridging, handstand push ups) along with the reasonable schedule instead of thousands of reps as I think he promotes now.

Then Scrapper's workouts became available, actually the internet, and it made bodyweight training a whole lot less boring.

I'd say if anyone needs to collect on royalties on exercises and exercise programs it should be the people of darkness not of this free world. We've been ripping them off for years rofl. Hell look how big yoga became. Even expressive dance! j/k j/k.

The Furey marketing is a joke, kinda like another Fury, Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD on Sci Fi channel last night.