ATTN: Antico


Your goal is good, your passion and enthusiam evident. Your problem remains that you fail to take any personal responsibility for your dreadful lack of interpersonal/communication skills.

Rather than being defensive, blaming others, or running away, take a good hard look at what you've accomplished, or failed to accomplish here, compare that to your goals, and when you see the enormous disparity, figure out how you could have handled things to better achieve your own goals.

It's a difficult lesson, but one no truly successful person ever manages to do without. Self-awareness and the ability to change your own behavior to achieve the results you want is the key to success in anything.

Best of luck,

Believe me rene.r, my experience on the UG has forced me to look inward many, many times. Sometimes I've concluded I was being too defensive other times I've concluded I was acting in a reasonable manner considering the accusations being hurled in my direction.

I've come to one conclusion of which I am certain. It doesn't matter what I say here. There's pretty much no good coming from my presence on the UG.

You speak of interpersonal skills. I'm not trying to be argumentative here but I do not consider what goes on here to be real communication. Emails and message boards can never capture the true personality of someone. Talk to anyone on here (and there's quite a few) that have met me in person or spoke with me over the phone if you want to judge my interpersonal skills. I believe that they would give you a little better representation of who I am.


if anything you should sound more intelligent over the internet than in person, since you have ample time to think over your responses as you type them out.

Internet communication is a separate skillset which requires its own fine tuning.

I'm sure with time and concerted effort, you could develop the skills that would allow you to succeed with the goals you have set.

Being confrontational, even when you feel 'falsely accused', even when you are 'right' is not always a wise course of action, given the goals you've set yourself.

MMA needs people who can bring other people together, or can show how contradictory views can be seen as complementary, who can turn an enemy into an ally, and who can do what they need to do even when they'd rather be hurling insults or punches.