attn: anyone from sprawl

anyone from the sprawl company: i order a pair of x trainer shorts, a rash guard and t shirt, great stuff, one problem, you sent me flex fighter shorts and i need a different size of short. i want the x trainer shorts and in a different size, what should i do? any response from someone at sprawl would be apperciated.

email them, they will have no problem makeing it right

Just send an email to and he will give you instructions to take care of the exchange.


hey steve, just wanted to let you know you guys have the best service out of all the mma companies ive orderd from.

apperciate the quick response email sent, thanks everybody

just wanted to give the sprawl company a ttt, great service in correcting the small issue, and for putting out a great product, thanks

ttt these guys are awesome.

Sprawl does a great job, fastest shipping around and I love the Flex Fighters.
I swim in thier regular shorts and have gotten to the point Im always wearing a pair under my GI.

Thanks for the kind words guys.  We do our best to keep everyone happy.

Hey Sprawl83 great screen name.  What's with the 83?  Is there some significance to it?


Hi Sprawler, Sprawl83's dad here:

That was the year he graduated.

Thanks Sprawl83's dad!!

This is a tttremendous company!

No problem, my son is at work right now but will confirm story later.

The Best In The Business!!!!!

BigJim, when is that Reality Fighting DVD going to be out.  Not this last event but the one before that?

no, the 83 is because kirik wanted to keep the sprawl names for you guys, so i had to put the 83 on it.

btw, i got more stuff from sprawl today, my girl friend orderd me a long sleev t shirt, and a beanie.

What can i say - S P R A W L ttmft!! They support the sport and the fighters in the best and most serviceminded way, i´ve ever experienced!!


Classy guys all round!!


Respect - LArsB.



Son, dont correct me!!!

STEve, if you have the time -  remember RED for the Badboy ;-) ...because RED will be the only thing going on in Denmark @EVT5, when i´m unleashed!!!



im the un-offical sokes person for SPRAWL