Attn: Apex Camp Participants

Hello Everyone,

Just a reminder that registration will begin at 8am on Saturday morning. Please arrive on time as we will begin the first sessions at 9am.

Registration will take place in the 'Malta Room', with an 'Introduction' meeting in the 'Meadowvale Room'. (Just follow the signs when you walk into the hotel for full directions to all pertinent locations.)

All 3 training rooms as well as the registration room are located downstairs. Full Contact Figthter and Sumbmit Gear tables will also be located there for you to browse their products.

Please check this thread for any future updates.


Showdown Joe

You need big coloured signs with short words for Mr. Doerksen. He is
a big deal but he don't read real good. Know what I'm saying??

After party will be held at

Most of us will hit The Brant House first then head over. Come and down and support both establishments. If you've never been to Brant House, man, you are missing out...:)

Best of luck to all participating!

Cover is half price for anyone with colliflower ears.