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Paul E., I am doing a feasibility report for college on the topic of "Petitioning for Closed-Fist MMA in Texas". I am supposed to conduct an interview with someone with knowledge on the subject. I was wondering if you could do me a favor and give me some info on this subject.

Is there a movement in place to make this rule change?
How long have we been trying to get this done?
What do the fighters think about this?
What research or economic factors would need to be in place for this to get done?
Anything else anyone may add.

Thank you Paul and anyone else involved with Texas MMA who responds to this thread.



Hey man email me at and we'll discuss it further. You probably also want to touch base with Greg Alvarez at the TDLR at 512-475-2875 as well.


ttt left you a voicemail.

haha .... this year... for the 3rd year in a row.. lol

Just to clarify a couple of things on this subject, and perhaps clarify your thought process on the matter, consider the following:

approximately four years ago, maybe five, i asked dickie cole, the boxing commissioner, about the possibility of the state of Texas allowing promoters to use cages instead of rings to hold fights. Mr. Cole responded by huffing and speaking on the evils of cages and human cockfighting.

Ironically, Saul Soliz just recently held the first or second (see IFC show from 2003/2004) sanctioned cage fighting show in the state of Texas.

My conversations with the members of the boxing commission were peppered with remarks about buddy albin and the three ring circus he ran. I never witnessed one of his shows, but in my opinion, you should understand the nature of these shows in order to set a proper backdrop to explain the evolution of the position of the boxing commission from then to today.

It is my opinion that the hard work of trailblazers like Saul and Guy Mezger and perhaps to some extent the promoters of the event evan tanner ran in amarillo are key persons to consider in discussing your issue.

You might also consider reading transcripts of the congressional debates wherein former presidential candidate McCain of Arizona worked to have mma banned from cable television in the US.

The early position of the texas boxing commission clearly reflects an adoption, to some degree of the McCain position.

It is my opinion that the attitudes of the members of the boxing commission regarding the closed fist issue are colored by the negative actions of various promoters and fighters in the state of Texas occurring in the past.

In speaking with members of the commission, I have learned there are definite opinions regarding certain fighters and promoters that have slowed the evolution of the sport in the state of texas.

You may want to ask the commission about shows that have been shut down for failing to comply with boxing commission regulations.

I believe it fair to say that even the smallest slip up by a fighter or promoter provides ammunition to those who oppose the sport in the state of texas that will be used to lobby the commission to oppose mma.

Lastly, you might want to review a copy of the unified mma rules adopted by various states, including the states of Nevada and New Jersey.

If the state of texas permits closed fist action, it is my opinion that the regulations referenced above will ultimately be adopted.

Thank you for your input. You put some great ideas in here for my report.

Paul, thanks for the voicemail, I just got back in town and received it. I'll take your advice and call the people you referred me to. I don't want to take up too much of your time as I don't want to be a nag so I'll call you after I call Grady, Saul, etc. if need be. Again, thanks for everything!