Attn ARMLOK Re: Bow form

what do you think about this girl's form? is she doing it right?



I'm having a hard time seeing her doinker.

HA!! Obviouslt she shoot midget compounds, if she shot canted recurve or LB she'd lose a nipple.......and I'd be right there to render first aid to suck the poison out and slap a battle dressing on.

What Bow?

^^^the correct answer.

welcome back Fren.

I'm getting good from the 20yrd line but need more time on the range beyond that.


What times are you practicing at kapiolani???

Kids go back to school next week, maybe I come down, if I survive this weekends hunt

If news has story about stranded hunter on Lanai is me :O......LOL@ hunting before my surgery on 14th :(



*Jacks Furiously