ATTN: attjack

did you get your xbox chip at Just wanted to know if that place is shady or not. Thanks

Well is sponsored by companies that sell mod chips, but they don't sell them themselves, at least that's my understanding.

I wanted to buy from their Spenser because I do trust because they are the best Xbox mod site out there. But the store I was trying to go with was out of the chip I wanted and I posted on the forum asking when they would be in again. Then some other dude from posted and said I could buy from him. I was worried but did it anyway and it worked out fine. Fast shipping even.

I would tend to trust xbox-scene's sponsors and like I said, worked out great for me.

thanks buddy, it's been a while, but I'm finally able to sorta get to doing the modding

can I can play the NES zelda after I mod it? Thanks

Yes I even went and got it and threw it on the Xbox to make sure.

sweet, that's the main reason why I'm modding the xbox

Did you get an internal or external harddrive? Thanks

I bought a 120 gig drive but then stuck it in a computer instead. I'm in no hurry to put in a HHD actually because the 8 gig one is big enough to fit any game on it plus WMVs for in game music and a shitload of emus and roms. At some point I'll drop in a big HDD but I have no reason to now. I have a DVD burner and that pretty much negates the need for my purposes. But I don't use the Xbox as a media player because I have a "Media Center" PC hooked to the TV along with the Xbox.

I hadn't actually read about doing an external option before.