Attn AZ Combat Sports

I just wanted to thank my team Az Combat Sports for training me for this fight. A big thanks to Trevor and Todd Lally, Gustavo Dantas, My brother Steve, Tim Mckenzie, Dave Webster, Mike Mccallister,Truman Wood Jesse Moreng, Jesse Forbes, Jamie Varner, and all the guys at ACS for training me and supporting me. I also want to thank Michael Clark for coming down to the fights to watch and show his support and also Trevor, Todd, Michael Clark, and My brother Steve for staying with me til 4 in the morning at the hosptial to get stitched up. SOrry guys I lost this one but I will be back!

Ray Steinbeiss


Congrats Ray. I heard you did good. ACS is Awsome. They
have some great coaches and a solid stable of fighters.

Are you still working full time and training after hours?

TTT for ACS and Ray Steinbeiss !!!

ttt til AZ combat sports see this please! Thanks

congrats ray i hear it was a hell of a fight.... p.s. you 200 dollars i lost on just kidding..i heard you put on a great show....dont worry about all the hate,alot of us know you have been trying to fight tougher guys, but they have all pulled out or declined...

They didnt have a doc there to stitch you up?

Ray you are a Savage, I am very honored to be on a Team with true Warriors, And Ket it be known that I have accepted the challenge. You Challenged me Nick so I will see you at the 185 lbs Class buddy get ready for a war!!!

Vince, e-mail me I have something for you and sorry you bet on me and I lost, I gave it my best but Nick was just better than me thata night!

Vince I will give you the 200 dollars you bet on me, I hate losing bets.

you dont have to ray thank i wouldnt have giving you half if i had one.. i knew you could beat him and you gave him a hell of a fight alot of us az guys are very proud of you...

Good job, Ray. Nick is great, and I read that you more than held your own. Big congrats.

And a big congrats to Steve, G, Trevor, and the boys on another successful fighter.

Chuck yeah I still work full time, I only took a week off for the Diaz fight (work only let me have a week off) but they let me get out an hour early to train.