Attn: Bad Breed


Yeah I sent a e-mail for XFO 3, hopfully hear the good word...


Johnny Walls- you arent downloading fights on there from the XFO 3 show are you? Which fights are you downloading?

Yes I am. I don't remember which fights are on it. Sorry. I should be getting the tape tomorrow or the next day.

If anyone gets hold of the complete show, I'll put the whole thing up for people to download....

JW is the man, but he needs to check his PM's

Where do you go to find these fights to download them on aggression?



Any word on what is up with Bad Breed?


"JW is the man, but he needs to check his PM's "

Oops, doing it now!


if there is anyway i can get a full copy of XFO 3 by VHS or DVD any help would be appreciated. I definitely want a copy for myself. Any number to call to get a copy?

Fearless Goat