** ATTN : BB2 ** (Vid) :)

Click here to watch 'Composite-Nov-13'

Sweet dreams... :)

Did you tape over your kid's recital to film that???


at least it was worth it

lol, I've already tranferred my kids recital to DVD...


jeez even I know never to fall asleep around JHR. Lock a door or hold a baseball bat at least! LOL

(BBQ here we come)

Brent, there will be more video at my BBQ this year for sure... :)

If you invite Dougie and I to the BBQ, I can guarantee you will either win America's Funniest Home Videos or sell the footage to COPS.

July 30th, 2005

There's already a crew from Tompkin's coming down so now YOU HAVE to come :)

Consider this an official invitation.


This sounds like a trap.......hopefully devised against Dougie.....

Shhh ! Don't spoil it !


I have footage of Canario and Esfiha doing a posedown in speedos.

Oh it's true, it's true, and Canario can't deny it!

I plead the 5th

We don't have the 5th in Canada. You can however refuse to testify against your spouse.

I'd sellout my spouse in an instant

JHR U BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U realize this means war!!!

if you listen closely you can even hear BB2's loud ass breathing while he sleeps which i got to hear for 7 straight hours on the way home from TKO on sunday


bb2 how was the show?