ATTN Betta Yeung/Shelby Walker

Anyone have contact info for Betta????

Haven't heard from Shelby lately either and her email isn't working.





ttt; you may find an email or phone number there to contact the academy for Mrs. Yeung, (she trains and teaches there),
best of luck!


or you could always talk to hmcwolverine he could help...

You can e-mail her at .

Or you can call her at (808).........wait a minute, all
the pervs would be calling her. LOL!

Shouldn't nattobeans be a green namer?

i'd say so...
he's friggin' undefeated for christ's sake... :)

ttt for nattobeans to get a green name!

ttt 4 Mrs. Yueng

ttt for nattobeans to get his green name!

who is natto???

tt for betta!

nattobeans for president!!! & ttt for betta yeung

Sexz,,, Nattobeans is one person that u won`t be calling by their real name on the UG,,,until u find out who they r,,,,LOL,,,plus she hits so hard i don`t think u would want 2 get on her bad side,,,plus one of only a few pro fighters that r undefeated in their young mma career !

*lost* fill me in I don't want to play riddles maybe pictionary!