Attn: Big Jim or Clementi

Jim or Rich, I'm in Mississppi until the first. Then I'll be back in Gulf Shores again. I was wanting a contact number. I lost Jim's. I don't have access to a computer down there until I find an internet cafe. If you could, leave it here or email it to me at...


Dave my cell # 985-774-1569 Rich# 985-768-0411

You need to come over and see us while your down in Gulf Shores. Are you going to enter the grappling tournament at our Feb 19th show?

Hey Jim, nice to hear from you. I'll give you a call in the next day or so. As far as Feb., I'm not sure. It sure sounds interesting. I'll be in MS until the first, and I'll be around a computer. Or you can call me at 662-427-0712. Email me some info on the tournament when you get a chance.