Attn: Big Pun

What is your xbox live acount name, i currently have my friends xbox for the week and i want to school you in your own game, the game=Black Arrow, your mine pun

pun=poor s.o.b.

killer151 is gonna get sofa king owned.

ya, ok, thats why i got a 3.3 ratio on team survival, bitches, u can look it up, my name: xxfloppy bonerxx, BDI WHAT!!!

How do you make up these names killer?


These names are to poke fun. All i do is charge the fukin hanger on airport and ill get like 3-4 kills with my g3a3 bitches. BDI what!!!

thats what i thought, pun

Get on socom pun


whos going to be on friday? and what time?

Why aren't you in school killer?