You know what this thread is about. I will TtT and call you once a day until the problem is solved, SUCKA.

I WANT MY $2!!!

Where are you ya big fucker. Shannon, as soon as you get a copy of the fights, please let a brotha know. I wanna see those fights.

Jim, im gonna keep this thread up, im serious man. Dont think im playin cause im not. Do you see how serious i am yet. This is not a game to me. This is almost as important to me as wearing lipstick under my kilt.

TTT Till i get my belt, SUCKA.

Give him his belt !!! JC,.....I got your REAR !!!!
Word Up !

*tries to get the ? out of my head on where the lipstick is used*

oh sheeeeeeesh..............

i finally got my trophy back, give jc his belt!!!

You gettin me now, momita?



ttt. where are the pics??? i want pics!!!!

Dammit Jimmy We Want Our Belts And We Want Them Now!!!!

JonHawk, get off this thread. You aren't a fighter.


Where is my damn belt?