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where can i find that "day in the life" article. i'm curious as to what he said? 

here ya go......I'm "that Guy"

My side:

I had two corner men there at the weigh inns. I arrived late, but one of my guys saw his opponent weigh in at 165 lbs. At the time i had two fighters and one was matched up. the other was waiting for his opponent to arive. We where told go grab somthing to eat. When we came back from lunch john said my second fighter was paired up. We didn't even think about it untill I saw my guy's oppenent  getting ready to come out to the ring. My fighter entered the ring as i went to ask his corner men what weight he was. I said "what you weigh in at?" he said "ask John" i said " fuck that i'm asking YOU...What did you weigh inn at?" then someone yelled 145 and then he walked to the cage.

I went to john and said" AFTER the show i want to get a re-weigh" never did i demand to stop the show!

That is a flat out lie.


what do you think?

i hate when guys fuck around with weight. if someone takes the time, to make weight. his opponent should give him the respect of making the weight. i also had a similar experience. we made a simple request: my fighter was on his way down to 170, so we made the fight at a 175 catch weight. me, the fighter, and the owner of our gym all called the promoter and told him his opponent was to weigh 176 or less. he blew it off like "that's it?? no problem" we didn't see his opponent weigh in. nobody said anything, nobody mentioned it, so i figured all was well. both guys go in the cage our guy is announced, then the other guy is announced "wieghing in at 195". because they knew there was no way we would pull our guy after he was already in the cage. fight went on, our guy blew him out in just under 2 minutes, and i was glad. because now i could be pissed for the right reason. needless to say they will never get another one of our fighters for their show.

I hate shady promoters. basically i won't allow myself or my team to be burned more than once. screw us, pull something, or in any way insult us and I will have nothing to do with you.

same with me.

you going to that meeting on the 27th?

which meeting??

in lansing, on the 27th about trying to get this orgination santctioned for amateur mma. Todd from f1 manegment is the presedent, and John Poe is Vp. Me q, don, and everone else are going, call me thursady at the gym and i will fill you in.

 this was the fight.