attn: Billy Zane're next.

Also, I went to create an alliance toon on that server. You know that there is ALWAYS a huge queue time????

on kel? no had no idea dude...but to be honest BG's arent gonna be a big concern come BC anyways, im going because a couple of guys i know play there and we can quest/lvl together etc. Plus there in a Leet guild which might get us some wicked gear down the road

Oh ya and bring it!

No dude, I mean a queue to log in to the fucking server!

Ya that happend once to me...hasnt happend for awhile, but ya thats blows! I started a pally on there for the hell of it.

You are transferring to Kel? You'll be in my battlegroup then. I got quite a beatdown from a horde premade from that server this weekend.

If the queue times are about the same for everyone in the battlegroup, they're not too bad. About 5 - 10 mins for AB this weekend (it was double honor though, usually I can queue and get in before I can run to the AH), and 15 or so for AV.

Ya those are good ques...FW we have a 12-13 min AB que and AV is now around 25-30 Min que

February that will all bringing my hunter over

Thats wicked...i can only wish

of course I'd wait 10-12 mins for a sure thing win every time too. (since Allies win most of the time anyway)

AV ya...WSG we are hopeless at and rarely win AB, although i joined a AB group lastnight and we had 4 straight 5 caps.