Attn Bisping: Willing to accept UG apology

Being an active member of the UG goes a long way.

I supported Jason Reinhardt in his last fight.

I don't believe Phil Baroni can ever be wrong, unless he's right, but in the "wrong way"

I even liked Hardy for a bit, if you can believe that.

One of the scariest thing about admitting your failings is the fear of unacceptance. But I'm telling you, no matter what an assh*le you are, no matter how poor of a sportsman you are, no matter how hot tempered (like a 3 month old) you are, no matter how lucky some of your recent victories have been (whether by way of stunned, violated opponent or unethical judging), and no matter whether your punches cause mild discomfort in bar patrons:

None of that matters here, where we accept the most deplorable members of the fight community if they simply say hello.

That's how pathetic we are.

Maybe that's why we understand.

Come on home.

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 I miss yo face Mikey boy.


explodin - Pathetic Phone Post

I think being unwilling to forgive is pathetic.

I would just end up getting banned if he started posting on here regularly.

It's true, Mike.

We may trash you at every turn, but, the minute you say you're never coming back there will be 50 threads begging you to do so.

wipes tear from eye

Truer words rarely if ever have been spoken before. 

Count - it's time to check in again, brother.

His monitor would be covered in spit if he posted on here

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 God save the Queen!

Does that help smooth things over Mikey?

oh and I want some bangers and mash, to go.

( pandering ended, closing door quietly)

Randoosky - I wouldn't accept him.

I know. But no matter how socially handicapped a man is, how poor of an actor he is, or how ignorant of the most basic laws of human decency, he will always have a place here as far as I am concerned.

this thread is infused with the blood of Tigers...

 ...and the forgiveness of an Adonis.

Yawn Phone Post

Sometime you extend an olive branch and Charlie Sheen eats your hands off your arms.

But no matter how undistinguishing Bisping's British palate might be, I expect more restraint.

The same people that want Bisping around are the same people who think Lee Murray is some sort of folk hero just because he beat Tito up in an alley, forgetting he kidnapped a family.

2Jups, that was really top notch.  You were like a matador and fighter bashing was the bull.  The way you controlled it and flirted with danger.....  Ole!

 occasionally fist 'o fire bring out the rage in a man, but the spit in the face, or magic that man produced that night, well, he won't seem to apologize for that...