Attn: Bitters- Rogue Questions

with my rogue didnt have much trouble with priests or locks. 1-2-dead.

Cloak of shadows can take off the dots once in a while...

you would have to be really undergeared and they would have to be really geared for them to single dot and kill you

Or extremely confused on how to play your class...

No cloak of shadows. So that wont help. One DOT ticks for round 600 dmg lets say. I have 2400 health. Cant restealth while dotted.

And no I dont know how to play my class since Im a level 48. Thats why im here asking lol.

So DOT, Fear, Mind flay....GG lol.

Hey Bitters,

I see lots of rogues with the Glyph of Distract.

How often do you and when/ distract in pvp?

Thank you

Also I cant envenom until 63 unfortunatley. So I guess its Mut/Evis

Would my rotation be Mut, SnD, Mut until 5 Cp then Evis?

Sorry i know this is basic for you but i appreciate the help. Heres my armory if that helps at all.

get dual spec and have combat or assassination (mutilate) for leveling for PvE and subtlety for PvP. It rocks. I loved sub with my rogue for PvP pre-80. it may not be popular at 80 but sub is pure fun at earlier levels.

awesome. thanks gord.

btw miss seeing you on.

Bitters if youre still around.

Question please.

Should I hit Envenom when I have 5CP or when I have 5stacks of deadly. I ask because usually I go up to someone/thing and hit with a cheap shot, then hit Mut, but alot of the times I get 5cps and have 1-2 stacks of deadly . Should I hit Envenom on the 5 ? or just keeping smashing on Mut until I have 5 stacks of deadly.

Also do you use kidney shot? Im trying to figure out how to stun lock someone? Pretty much kill them before the can move and need a general rotation.

Thanks again man.

Btw I see you on Arena Junkies! Bad ass.

I would envenom at 5 if you have 2 stacks of deadly (if you dont maybe wait a sec for another stack to proc with just white hits). If anything you get a refund on some energy from relentless strikes, and you get your envenom buff on which will quickly stack your poisons.

Most rogues will kidney shot just as cheap shot wears off to gain a lot of momentum from their opener.

So like a really basic opener would be to cheap shot, mutilate, kidney (as cheap shot ends) mutilate, envenom, mutilate, envenom.

awesome man thank you so much. I also read some bad ass rogues can gouge right before a warr or something hits with a melee strike and disrupt it. Im going to try that.

Im really loving the rogue. Only thing thats tough for me is BGs. Cause I see a group of people fighting and I can easily go in and kill one but then while exposed in the melee I catch a DOT or 2v2, 3v1 etc and get killed easily. Im sure it will come with time though.

Thanks again.

Also why gem for AP over Agi? I always read Agi was the most important rogue stat.

Envenom scales off attack power. You can stack much more with AP gems. With up to date PvP gear at 80 youll be sitting around 50% to crit anyways, no need to gem agi.

awesome ty josh. btw sick rogue you have.

thanks man. by the way the game is going to change entirely for you once you get cos.

Im at 72 now and simply owning in BGs lol. I can solo most players who are up to 78. I usually go like 12-1 in kills and 2 flag returns per WSG. Rogues are so fun.

Arena question if you're still around.

Running noob rogue/noob mage. Came upon rogue/lock. I wandered around spamming sap trying to bring the rogue out of stealth. Mage and lock fought. Mage dies horrible felhunter related death.

I can kill a lock in no time. He can kill a rogue with little trouble. The rogue and I can kill each other, if we get the opener. Should I have opened the lock to bring the rogue out of stealth, even though the rogue can kill me pretty quickly?


try to sap the warlock early to just keep him in place (he can use a cheap trick to get in combat by sending his pet to attack ur mage, but if he doesnt, sap him).

if mutilate/envenom:
have your mage blow cooldowns early (mirror images early when u open). when the mage is starting to attack the lock, cheapshot him, mutilate (and rocket gloves if u have them), coldblood eviscerate then vanish and immediately run to away. (if you think the rogue is right near the lock, just cheapshot ,mutilate vanish...but if your mage is frost have him use a pet nova on top of the lock when you open, might bust out rog)

when u vanish, start smashing your sap macro (assuming u have one, if not) in hopes to find the rogue.

if your shadow dance; premed, shadow step, ambush, evis then same vanish plan.

the point of this is to set the warlock much behind the mage in their duel, while you wait for the other rogue to open. when he opens, you can cheapshot him, mutilate/rupture/dismantle then go back to the warlock to finish it. have your mage nova, sheep, deepfreeze control on the rogue while u kill the lock. blind the rogue if he trinkets deepfreeze or sheep.

the funny thing about rogues from my experience is that they fucking hate each other. I mean Ive played 5 different classes and no real animosity to my own class, hell sometime when I see others that are my class I actually dont go for them.

But rogues man, fucking hate each other. Every BG a rogue is spitting on me, or some other gay emote lol. Funny shit. Any other rogues notice this phenom of rogue on rogue hate?