Recently I ordered 2 of your dvds (best moves, fights and campeonato brasiliero equipe) and they still have not arrived. Usually I would not complain, but they were supposed to be a present and I was told that they have a 5-8 days shipping rate. It has been over 21 days and I still have not received a shipping confirmation.
When I e-mailed you previously you said, "they will ship soon", but provided no shipping / order confirmation. You still have not answered my e-mail requesting confirmation (e-mail #2) and that is just bad business. Not to mention that you charged my account without shipping (and I am too poor to afford giving money away these days). I did not want to post here, but how else can I get you to respond if you do not respond to my mail?
That being said, I understand that you are a "one man show", but you chose to be in this business. I like your product, but maybe you should say "all orders will ship soon" on the shopping cart. Maybe this sounds anal, but like I said it was a present and all that I am pointing to is what was stated in the shipping.

We need more posts about "customer sevice" issues on this forum. A LOT of people have been ripped-off or have had to wait a LONG time to get their order delivered. Check the archives before you order from anyone.

I personally wanted to buy the 2003 Pan Ams DVD
(I still want it) from BJJTapes. I saw their ad in Grappling Mag. I phoned the number to place my order and was told they dont take orders by phone only the internet. Wasssuuuppp With DAT!!!!!!

You see when you are an old guy like me you kinda shy away from using your credit card over internet. Also I cannot ask a computer "Do you have what I want in stock right now? and, When is it shipping out?

Buyers BEWARE!!!!

If all else fails make sure you use AMEX they work hard to get your $$ back.

You should call them at 800-978-5559 or eamil them at He will answer you questions about your order.

While I think these types of posts are good because they keep the video companies on their toes, I have had nothing but GREAT experiences with, both in terms of quality and service.

i agree with andre i have had nothing but great service from them.

these are to be expected once in a while from businesses. It just sucks when it happens to u. BJJTAPES is a good sport from what I can tell in his posts, he should get u squared away.

Well, if you have the balls to complain on the forum...have the balls to give your name so that I don't have to respond to someone I don't know. I have already responded to several fuckin complaints on this form and several ( all but one) were false.

Let me explain something. I don't make any money in this business...I do it for pleasure. I am working with people in Brasil to help spread BJJ in the US with quality fights and footage. I have almost had it up to my eyeballs with complaints and ready to wholesale out the tapes and have them raise the prices. I can therefore edit in peace and without trying to help this fucking cheap ass broke motherfuckin sport.

What is your name and your order number. I will then post the response on this forum ( which it was not meant to be). If I sent you a message saying that the package was on the way and if you live in the US, it was sent by FedEX and I know that I sent your tracking number. What is your tracking number?

One more complaint on this forum and the tapes go to wholesale.

Another thing:

This "Buyer Beware" bullshit is bullshit. If you don't want the fucking tapes, don't order the fucking tapes. Where else are you going to get a fucking 4 hour motherfucker BJJ DVD for 20 some dollars?

And yes, I have had alot of scumbags cancel their credit cards. So guess what? If you want future footage on the Mundial, Equipes, Nationals, and the Pan Ams you will be paying more through other sites.

You guys have no fucking clue on what you are getting.

I bought the Feitosa tapes from they shipped quickly to the UK and were great tapes, especially good value for money.

Rick T:

I don't take orders via phone? Why? I thought you were the expert on consumer buying?

Taking phone orders is a sure way to go broke. I can't confirm your address, I can't confirm if you are the person you say you are? All common sense.

You get it?

I have ordered from bjjtapes and have had nothing but great experiences. Geat customer service, great product, great price.

I think he makes an excellant point about french fries. Since he only has 16 posts he seems like KKM. He is probally is a troll or a competitor in the tape market tring to give BJJTAPES a bad rep.

BJJTAPES, dont let this dickwad make you mad. Until he can PROVE he is who amd what he is, we will concider him just another troll.

If he is who and what he says he is, I'm sure you will handle his problem like you do all customer service issues, with care and your immediate attention

I got the Pan-Am 2003 tape from BJJtapes a few weeks ago. That's order VCME06402539 ;)

It was a week or so between the CC confirmation and the shipping confirmation, which is about the same as big companies like Tower.

The DVD is really great. I'm definitely ordering from them again.


"I can therefore edit in peace and without trying to help this fucking cheap ass broke motherfuckin sport...You guys have no fucking clue on what you are getting."

Well said!

I have had nothing but great experiences with one of my orders was delayed I emailed him directly, he located my order and boom I had my dvd. awesome customer response and service. I will buy every dvd that they put out! I am pumped up about their upcoming Margarida dvds//1

Alvis puts out an amazing product at the best prices.

Dear BJJtapes:

First and foremost, I meant NO DISRESPECT to you or your products. In fact you guys are the only ones that I have seen carry the 2003 Pan Ams DVD. I have read ONLY GOOD COMMENTS from others who got the DVD in regards to quality and content.

I saw your ad in Grappling magazine (about 2-3 months ago) that showed you carry the 2003 Pan Ams DVD. The ad said:
TO ORDER CALL: 1.800.978.5559



There is also NO WAY for me to verify if you have what I want in stock, WHEN and HOW it is being shipped...

Many others(ATAMA,Michael Jen,MMA MART,Dominio D Productions,Gracie Academy...) who provide products and services have taken my orders by phone with

If it is your policy NOT to do that, its OK, I understand, MY BAD. I just responded to your ad.
In closing I will again state:


In fact I still want that DVD!!! Can Ya hook me up?
I'll be in Torrance the week of March 23rd. Can ya help me then? I have AMEX and will have my I.D also.


I agree completely with Joe.

Me too.

joe -

While he may have reacted a bit harsh, he did say he has had people bullshit him. so with that in mind, I dont think you can judge him to harshly.