Attn: BK

Did you go to the Buffalo-Raiders Game?

The Raiders a bad team, with some good players. I have known this for a while, just now accepted it. I was expecting the Bills to play better, but they pulled out the W, which is all that matters now.

What was up with the off-setting penalties on the long TD pass? I was fucking pumped at that point and didnt hear the explanation on tv.

 Which touchdown?

The Raiders one towards the end of the game?

Whitner tackled him after he was well into the end zone and I think there was a little shoving somewhere else.

Overall, it was a terribly officiated game (for both sides).  They let obvious holding, clipping, UR go and then call it for minor stuff.

Officials suck. 

The officials did a horrible job in the Indy game as this a trend?? fugging hope not.

 It's been bad around the entire NFL this year.

The Bills/Jags game last week was brutal as well.

The Offensive PI on Lee Evans getting a flag and then Hall climbing over Evans back not getting a call shows how inconsistent it was.

yeah the long Higgins TD, was the oone I was talking about

i agree the refs were bad, but I am not even shcoked about that.

I like Lynch alot, he plays hard. I was suprised it took the Bills so long to start picking on Deangelo Hall.

The refs Kicking out Gibril Wilson was ridiculous.

I will post more thoughts as they come back to me.

 Gibril deserved to get kicked out.

I don't know what the showed on TV but he threw an obvious punch at Josh Reed when Reed was on the ground.  I'm pretty sure throwing a punch = automatic ejection


I honestly think one of the Raiders coaches, either Kiffin wanting out or Ryan wanting Kiffin out, lost that game intentionally.

Isn't Oak-town thug enough that the fans could get together and pay someone to clip Al Davis?

also what is a "Bill"?

They have a Buffalo on the helmet but that is where they play, that was something I never noticed? Please clear this up for me.

Also, CBS put a group of cheerleaders on camera as they came back/went to commercial, I was not impressed. Maybe 3 hot ones out of about 8.

 The name is a play on Buffalo Bill Cody and was used by a previous team in Buffalo.

According to Wiki:

"The Bills were named as the result of the winning entry in a local contest, which named the team after the AAFC Buffalo Bills, a previous football franchise from the All-America Football Conference that merged with the Cleveland Browns in 1950. That team, in turn, was named after Buffalo Bill Cody."

I believe the original story linked them to Buffalo Bill because they were blazing a new (football) trail to the west.

Don't even get me started on the Buffalo Jills.  They've had a "union" for since before the superbowl years.  Union of cheerleaders = it's okay to be fat and/or ugly