Attn: Black Belts, who are you?

We are adding a Professional black Belt Gi competition to the the 2004 rnold World gracie Submission Championships March 5-7! If you are a black belt and are interested in competing, please respopnd to this post or email us at The prize money for the winner of our Black Belt Invitational is $1,000.00 and $500.00 for the runner-up. We will check this thread for all responses and to answer any questions!

I don't think many many black belts compete these days. Too much at stake they feel.

We have been getting emails from black belts wanting to compete! We will have the Invitational for those who want to fight!



Not much money for world class tourney.

Unless travel and lodging are also convered, the interest will probably be restricted to those in the general geographical area that can drive there.

I think king of the kage only pays $500. The Mundails and PanAm's dont pay jack. $1000 should get some people for sure.

Black Belts, keep those emails coming! We are getting a good response from competitors from overseas and the U.S....

Hi my nme is Josh but I represent my instructor and friend Wagnney Fabiano ( Leo Santos' older brother ) on these matters. Wagnney is a 2nd degree Black Belt under Wendell Alexander and Andre Pedineras of Nova Uniao. Wagnney was a Pan-am champ as a Purple Belt in 1995, and recieved his Black Belt after winning the Brown Belt division at Brasiliero, in 1998 he took a bronze medal at mundial ( Royler Gracie took gold, and Wagnney lost a controversial match to Draculino ). I am told that Wagnney has a couple other Brasilian national titles as well as city and state championships. In No-gi Wagnney won Naga's battle at the beach this summer fighting one weight class up ( 160 and under ), at Grapplers Quest Worlds he took the under 150 divison all by sub ( two of them by rear naked ). He also won a superfight by rear naked against Jon Stutzman at the 2nd annual Metro Grappling Classic. Wagnney fought Leo Vieira twice as a purple belt winning one and losing one. I hope Gracie Worlds sees fit to enter him in both the pro gi and no gi divisions. I am confident that many of his students would show up to watch and compete if he gets in.
Joshua Rapport

Hello my name is Jay Pages. I represent Arthur Ruff out here in Arizona. You can check out his bio at the link provided below. Arthur is a Black Belt under Rodrigo Medeiros.// Jay Pages
// Arthur Ruff
Ruffhouse Jiu Jitsu Academy
929 East Juanita Suite #103
Mesa, Arizona 85204
(480) 892-3668