attn : Bob Carson

Chek ur email gunsmoke.


Who knows, but btwn the Quartey, Glen Johnson, and Toney Split Dec losses, I sure am glad I dont get to eatch any boxing this week.  You'd think I'd be on the right side betting one of those guys. 0-3 all at + money.

ttt for the Corporation to get the time to review a fans email....

Hard guy to get in contact with

Try porn sites and street corners you should find him there.

: carsonsshow

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Check yours now, Oddessa.

lol thought u werent Carson

suuuuuuuuuure lmao

New email addy.  Shoot any msgs to my acct and I will send you the new email.  I havent  been on UG much lately, mostly my coworkers in my acct  here so  am not current with latest mma UG drama.....outside of the odds/ NYE events.

but it would have been wasteful.


That's right, the Carson Corp is very efficient when it comes to time management nigga. So Don't eva doubt or question him again.

no problem Bob

or should i say no problem Baaaab

alternatively humor ?? vex .LMAO @ Baaaaaab

U got mail viewed this thread 300+ x........?

Joey, i sent you an email last night and it bounced, did you change your email address?

yes I changed it, same email addy as old one , but put 2006 after the name & b4 @


sent you an email, nothing important just asking for some advice.