Attn: Bob

Floppy says you are a lopsided assclown but he's a kings fan so don't mind him. I think you should whoop his doobie puffin ass, you game?

lol, LIES!!!!!!! :)


I will admit that I am biased towards teams that don't suck.

Oh the hilarity!!! Encore encore!!! pfft ;)


Bob is a Lakers fan and I got his back, Floppy D, you really need to stop talkin all that smack about him, it's just not nice.

lol, those were PRIVATE emails you bastard!!!!! ;))

Floppy, someday you'll understand how hard and lonely it is being right all the time.

Ummmm, Okaaaaaaaaaaaay, Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayuh!!!!!

Fuck you, read espn magazine, Kobe's a piece of shit, aside from a rapist. :)

Get a room you homos