ATTN: Bolo; Illigal tape trading

Yes, I know who this is, and like many others I
extended a hand of friendship to, he bit it off at the

Bolo will be able to assist in nailing him again.

Thanks Bolo and MTripp,

Will send the e-mail soon. What happened with this guy before Mr Tripp?


If anyone would like to see his whole list go to the rec.martial arts boards on

My understanding was the FBI got involved,

If not then I will make sure they do now.


Hi, I was recently informed of a guy that has a big list of tapes that he's selling cheaply, and mine is included in his list. I heard that you caught this same guy and he removed your tape from his list. His e-mail address is bigjam6666@(removed) and he posted his list on BJJ.ORG trying to sell illigal copies of tapes. Most every tape I've ever seen and many I've never seen are there (including yours Mr Tripp). He wont return my e-mails and I was wondering if you could help me with any information. Feel free to post here or e-mail me at Thank you very much for your time and energy!

Vincent Fields


PS: The tape of mine that he's selling is in the product review section of this website called "Leglock seminar".

I've found out about a couple people. E-mail me at with what info you have on this person and I will tell you if I have any info.

Vincent, Bolo, Mark, Scott,

Count me in. Let me know what I can do. I believe a few of my tapes are on there. I was emailed a heads up.


Anything I can do to help, let me know.

To be honest I dont know what to do about it next. The guy wont e-mail me back and I can't even get onto the chat group at since I dont use aol. Any suggestions on the next course of action?


----Original Message Follows----From: Bigjam6666@aol.comTo: Subject: TapesDate: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 14:47:34 EDTHello,You recently emailed me about a copyright violation for selling your tapes. What yo do not realize is that I am selling my originals and personal tape collection. Yes it is true that I sold bootleg tapes before, but I was recently contacted by the FBI and informed that my activities were illegal and against the law. This was quite a wakeup and I told the agent (Special Agent Glass operating out of San Jose) that I would cease and desist. I have and am now just selling footage that is not copyrtighted from my website. If you go there you will notice that nowhere on there are your tapes shown nor sold. The post I put up a few days ago is to cut down on my collection of tapes I built up and don't even watch anymore. It is true that some of them are copies that I traded for, but I'm no longer dubbing them or trying to copy them for sale. I just want to get rid of many tapes I don't even use and move on.As I have said, I have been in contact with the FBI (who were informed of my acticities by Mr Michael Jen) and I have stopped selling bootleg tapes. I am selling off my ORIGINALS and personal tapes. If you check your records you will be able to find that I have purchased your tapes legitamately. If the selling of these tape sis still against the law or against your wishes then I will gladly cease and desist. I have no wishes to get in deeper problems with the FBI. I am keeping in contact with Agent Glass and am trying to get rid of my tapes as he suggested. If this is a problem then I will simply just start giving them away. Once again, my website that I am focused on is only selling non-copywritten footage and no tapes of yours.ThomasThomas,If it is the case that you bought my tape from me personally and were only advertising to sell the same copy that I sent you then I appologize. Can I have your name/ contact information so that I may check my records? I will share our e-mail exchange with others so they know that you are claiming not to be selling illigal copies. Thank you for the reply.Vincent FieldsSouthern Illinois University Martial Arts Club (SIUMAC)No egos, attitudes, or politics

The guy is full of shit. He is still selling illegal copies and he has sent people a list of his tapes and that list never gets smaller.

Is that the way it is with all instructionals? You buy it so it is yours but you can't sell your original to someone? That seems a little silly doesn't it?

----Original Message Follows----
Subject: Re: Tapes
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 17:45:38 EDT
I have not sold any copies of your tapes and do not offer them on my website. I have spoken to the gentleman from who has pointed out that the copyright laws extend to originals as well which I did not know. I am ceasing and desisting in selling all my tapes in an effort to avoid problems with anyone. As I said before, I recently was contacted by the FBI and have no desire to get in any more problems with them. Please pass this word on to anyone else you know that is involved and assure them that there will be no problems from me ever again.


As per a request I deleted one of your posts that
showed people where to get the illegal tapes.

I think we shouldn't help them find this guy!


but there is NO doubt this person has sold illegal
tapes in the past, and by all rights should be
arrested for what he has done.

We will be getting tape sales up again when the
new web site is up and running.

I will let everyone know when that is ready.

As to the rest, time will tell....

What a bullshitter, 600 original copies huh?

Dig up the old e-mails. Let's see them!


I'm not justifying what Thomas has done, but he HAS STOPPED SELLING THEM. I know this for a fact. I know Thomas well enough to know that if he has been contacted by the FBI then he is not selling those tapes any longer. I ask that you please let this die down here as it DOES NOT FIT THE PROFILE FOR THE JUDO/SAMBO Q&A. The authorities will deal with the issues you gentlemen have with Thomas. Allow them to do their jobs.

Again, I know that is part of your livelihood Bolo and others and Thomas might have been taking some of that away without realizing it. I do implore you to let this leave this forum for the sake of decorum. Thomas HAS CEASED SELLING THE TAPES...I GIVE YOU MY WORD ON THAT. Coach, you know I love you guys and support you fully and would never lie or mislead you so take me at my word when I say Thomas is a stand up guy that made a mistake unwittingly. He never meant to hurt anyone he just wanted to share his very large collection with others. Yes, he may have made a profit, but he wasn't trying to steal from anyone. HE JUST MADE A MISTAKE. Allow the authorities to deal with this. He has learned his lesson.

Train hard


P.S. Coach, can I mail that M.O. to you for the tapes that Chzog will be unable to provide?

You go guys